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  • Best SARMs for Bulking Up in 2022 - Phoenix Gen SARMS Australia

    Best SARMs for Bulking Up in 2022

    Determining the best SARMs for bulking can be quite hard. Each one of these substances works in its own way and has its pros and cons. Although one of the products may provide slightly better gains, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s optimal for you. The results can also be affected by your workout plan and dieting....

  • Peptides Quick Guide - Phoenix Gen Peptides Australia

    A Guide to Peptides: Benefits and Uses

      There is a lot of buzz surrounding peptides and their benefits for your muscles, skin, and overall health. But what exactly are they, and do they actually live up to the hype? Peptides are produced naturally by your body. They are strings of amino acids, generally comprising 2 to 50 amino acids, which are known as the “building...

  • How to Build Muscle Strength without Injury - Phoenix Gen SARMS Australia

    How to Build Muscle Strength without Injuring Yourself

      Everyone seems to be getting hurt nowadays. Whether it’s your friend who threw out his back aiming for a deadlift PR or your friend who injured his shoulder during CrossFit, the pursuit of greater strength, bigger muscles, and high performance has led to a long list of injuries. Consequently, there’s a major division within the fitness...

  • Bacteriostatic Water What Is It and How Is It Used - Phoenix Gen SARMS Australia

    Bacteriostatic Water: What Is It? How Is It Used?

    If you check websites that sell chemical products and beauty supplies, they will likely feature bacteriostatic water as one of the most prominent items in the store. This product can be used for various reasons, and you don’t have to be a medical expert to find a use for it. In a way, bacteriostatic water is a...

  • RAD-140 and LGD-4033 Which is Best for You- Phoenix Gen SARMS Australia

    RAD-140 vs LGD-4033: What’s the Difference?

      In this article, we’re going to discuss RAD-140 vs LGD-4033. These products are regarded as some of the most popular SARMs on the market. Both of them can provide numerous benefits with an emphasis on muscle mass gain. Although RAD-140 and LGD-4033 have amazing properties, you have to choose just one of them when starting a...