MK-677: What is Ibutamoren? What Should You Know?


MK-677 or ibutamoren is one of the most common athletic drugs products on the market. Although it increases your strength and endurance, it is neither a SARM nor a PED.

It has a very similar effect, but we cannot put it in the same group. Instead, most MK-677 experts define it as a replacement for growth hormone. This substance is frequently used by patients who are experiencing GH deficiency.

The substance works by stimulating ghrelin hormone secretion. It affects your whole central nervous system.

Like many similar substances, MK-677 can help you with various things such as fat burning, wound recovery, insomnia, and other metabolic processes.

As a result, the drug is very popular among fitness and bodybuilding experts. Ibutamoren is often used as a hormone replacement therapy.

How can I benefit from it?

The list of potential benefits is huge.

As a substance that improves your metabolism, it can have a direct or indirect impact on various processes in your body.

First and foremost, it is used for gaining lean muscle mass, but it can be used for treating some other, serious conditions.

One thing to note is that MK-677 is not a SARM or PED, and thus, you can stack it with these substances in order to achieve even better results.

  • Great cycling features

Before we mention its biological benefits, we need to mention the fact that MK-677 can be cycled all year-round. You don’t need a post cycle therapy when using it, which is another major advantage. You can easily utilize ibutamoren with steroids and SARMS

  • Reduced side effects

Given that MK-677 doesn’t increase testosterone or estrogen, you can feel much safer using it. This also means that you’re less likely to get cancer or some other nasty disease which are otherwise common for steroids

  • Gaining lean muscle mass

Of course, people who are using products such as ibutamoren do it so they can get bigger, nicer muscles. It has a direct impact on growth hormone levels, which, in turn, leads to more muscle mass. The muscle increase will be significant, and you will definitely appreciate the change. Naturally, as the size of your muscles increases, you will also experience a major increase in strength and endurance. This is very important for all the athletes who are competing in leagues which don’t have a strict anti-doping policy

  • Improving other metabolic processes

Lean muscle gain is just the tip of the iceberg as you will experience other metabolic changes. Given that your whole body will become faster, more responsive, it only makes sense that you will sleep much better. The improved sleep cycle will have an additional impact on your body and muscles, as it will allow you to get better rest. Given that you will start getting more lean muscles, it is safe to say that your fat-burning capabilities will also improve. However, people rarely use it as a fat-burning drug, as ibutamoren can also lead to an increase in appetite. So, besides it a fat burner, it can also work well for athletes who are struggling to introduce enough valuable substances to their body

  • Overall state of the body

Lastly, it is worth mentioning that your whole body will work better. It is one of the secondary effects of ibutamoren that is often neglected. However, it is our duty to mention it. Oftentimes, people use MK-677 to counter the natural aging process. It is great for people who no longer can produce an adequate level of hormones and require some sort of replacement therapy. When used in such a manner, it will definitely help you feel better as you will be able to restore your previous energy levels, strength, and endurance that you lost with time

Potential issues

Although MK-677 is comparably better than the other, similar drugs, it still has its share of potential side effects. Keep in mind that these side effects often represent the body’s response to changed metabolic processes, and they are oftentimes not a cause for concern.

  • Sleepiness

While you will definitely gain a better sleep, you will feel really slow. Sometimes, it will be hard to perform the simplest of tasks. But, this is not a real concern. You can easily remedy this issue by drinking a bit more coffee or some other caffeine-based drink

  • Improved appetite

Here is another thing that is classified as a side effect, but it isn’t necessarily an issue. As your metabolism becomes quicker, you will have a much better appetite. This is especially troublesome for people who are trying to lose weight as they’re implementing MK-677 therapy. Unlike sleepiness, which can be controlled, the feeling of hunger can be overwhelming and hard to control. The best thing you can do to counter it is to start using MK-677 in the evening. That way, you won’t feel hungry during the day

  • Change in blood pressure

One of the more troublesome issues is the change in blood pressure. This is especially problematic for the elderly. There were several cases in which older users experienced high blood glucose and pressure. The best thing you can do is to constantly monitor your pressure levels as you’re taking the drug. This is especially important for older patients

  • Water retention

Another issue that you might experience is water retention. In fact, the water retention side effect is closely connected to increased blood pressure, and they often go hand-in-hand. If you’re a professional bodybuilder, you should be well aware of this problem. Water retention can be especially nasty ahead of bodybuilding competition as it can make your body less attractive

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Where to buy MK-677?

MK-677 is available in various PED and SARM online shops. Of course, we also sell the product!

If you have any questions regarding the substance, or you simply wish to learn more about it, make sure to contact us directly. We are always here to help!