Peptides for Fat Loss: How to Use Them & 3 Best Products

Peptides for Fat Loss How to Use Them & 3 Best Products


Synthetic peptides have become immensely popular in the last few years. They represent a valid substitute for traditional steroids.

However, unlike steroids, these products have a wide array of potential uses. There are even some indications that peptide products can become medicinal items in the near future.

Peptides for fat loss are especially intriguing. Although they are meant for people who are struggling with their weight, they are also very popular among bodybuilders.

Needless to say, besides the esthetic component, these products can also be used to address certain issues and to protect your health from potential future ailments.

Before we talk about peptides for fat loss, let’s say a few words about peptides in general. Check it out!

What are peptides?

Peptides are naturally-occurring substances that can be found in a wide variety of foods.

They are present in meat, fish, oatmeal, and numerous other things. In this particular article, we will talk about research peptides, substances that were made in order to mimic how the natural peptides work.

For more than 20 years, Australian bodybuilders have used various peptide products to improve their results. On the other hand, medicinal peptides were introduced a bit slowly.

They have undergone numerous testing over the years and, as of January 2015, there are 60+ approved peptides in the US. Keep in mind that the status and legality of peptides will vary from country to country.

So, what are actually peptides?

They are a short version of proteins.

Due to the fact they’re smaller than proteins, it is easier for our bodies to metabolize them. With these substances, you are able to replicate the function of hormones, neurotransmitters, and enzymes.

Why do we gain weight in the first place?

Besides the obvious fact that we’re gaining weight when we’re eating more, there are some other factors that cause an increase in fat. For example, you need to consider the things such as hormones, metabolism, and glucose reduction.

If you eat too much sugar and carbs, this will inadvertently lead to an increase in blood sugar. This causes a release of insulin. Given that fat represents reserves that are utilized in extreme cases, the addition of carbohydrates will make it harder for the body to utilize this energy source.

In a lot of cases, the increase of weight is directly connected to the loss of endogenous growth hormone. This is something that occurs over time, and it is really hard to prevent.

With each passing decade, the hormone levels will drop by 15%. As a result, numerous functions of your body will change and will start working on a lower level (for example, your metabolism, fat accumulation, ability to exercise and maintain muscles, etc.)

There are numerous ways you can affect the amount of growth hormone in your body. Your genetics, age, lifestyle, and environment all play a major part.

Other potential benefits of peptides (besides fat loss)

Besides peptides for fat loss, there are numerous other products on the market. By using them, you are able to enhance various internal processes. This gives you the ability to address numerous problems and a lack of hormones.

In nature, there are more than 7,000 peptides. Out of these, 7,000, 500 have therapeutic potential. But that might not be the end.

Every year, scientists are trying to replicate and develop some of these substances so they can be used for wellness.

At this point, peptides products can be used for:

  • Weight and fat loss
  • Muscle enhancement
  • Boost of libido
  • Improvement of regenerative function
  • Improvement of immunity
  • Better stomach function
  • Various improvements to focus and memory
  • Various improvements to skin and hair

While most peptides are amazing, let’s focus on peptides for fat loss.

3 Best peptides for fat loss

Tesamorelin (GHRH peptide)

GHRH Peptide, Tesamorelin, is categorised as a growth hormone-releasing hormone. As the name implies, the substance is meant to help you release growth hormone within your body, thus increasing its overall levels.

Tesamorelin works by stimulating the pituitary gland, which is crucial for various metabolic processes such as appetite and growth.

In the US, this product is approved for lipodystrophy. This is a condition where the body is unable to produce healthy fat tissue.

Keep in mind that, while the product is developed for fat loss, it isn’t necessarily prescribed as a fat loss substance.


CJC-1295 is another great peptide for fat loss. Besides this particular function, the product may help you with regeneration, protection, and muscle growth.

In fact, the substance is very popular within the bodybuilding society as it fulfills all their exercise and muscle building needs. As such, it has an enormous commercial potential that goes way beyond medical use.

If you wish to use it for fat loss and muscle gain, it is very important to adhere to the proper dosage and cycles. This would allow the body to utilize the substance properly.

Oftentimes, the body will develop a tolerance that would prevent optimal results.


Ipamorelin is a relatively new product compared to other peptides on the list. The interesting thing about it is that Ipamorelin stimulates the feeling of hunger.

Because of it, you need to administer it in the evening in order to prevent munchies. Otherwise, there is a good chance that you’ll even gain weight if you cannot control your urge.

A lot of bodybuilders use Ipamorelin because of its amazing impact on metabolism. Furthermore, the product is much safer than steroids and some other performance-enhancement substances.

Besides its impact on the fat and the muscles, the product may also provide certain anti-ageing properties.


There are so many great research peptides for fat loss.

They are usually utilized by bodybuilders who want to have even more chiselled bodies. However, they have a real application for some ailments as well.

If you’re suffering due to increased weight, these products might help you. Still, we suggest that you consult a medical professional before starting any therapy.

Peptides for fat loss should be used the right way so that you achieve optimal results.