Alpha Bulk Stack (2 month)

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This stack is made up of:

x2 Growth-Tech v2: Nano-K-677 

x2 Alpha-Lean-Up v2: Nu-LG-4022

x2 Andro-Rad: Nu-RAD-1478


Growth-Tech v2: Nano-K-677

Molecular Formula Derivative: C27H36N4O6S


Alpha Growth

Retention Bulk

Growth-Tech v2: Nano-K-677 is a highly effective and uniquely designed oral growth hormone secretagogue designed to enhance growth hormone secretion in subjects resulting in all the benefits that come with this important hormone including muscle growth, repair and performance capabilities. It is currently under development as one of the most effective oral growth hormone secretagogue compounds discovered to date.

Alpha-Lean-Up v2: Nu-LG-4022

Molecular Formula Derivative: C14H12F6N21


Lean Gains

Clean Dry Pump

Alpha-Lean-Up v2 is a brand new compound that targets the androgen receptors in the muscles to create lean muscle growth and increase strength. Alpha-Lean-Up v2 is a non-toxic oral research compound with a very strong effectiveness profile and highly promising trial results showing exceptional and rapid learn muscle gain and growth.

Andro-Rad: Nu-RAD-1478

Molecular Formula Derivative: C20H16ClN5O2


New Age Gains

Phenom Pumps

Andro-RAD is currently under development as a product with testosterone replacement therapy capabilities which has been discovered to carry key benefits attributable to increased testosterone in healthy male subjects. Studies to date have not shown any negative side effects and performance and lean muscle growth capabilities are well documented in this new research compound.

This compound has currently been significantly improved upon and altered in molecular structure to represent a unique and proprietary derivative of several similar products.

This has been achieved through extensive research and development to ensure the absolute highest quality whilst maintaining the strictest standards around international product compliance and availability making our unique blends highly sought after and highly effective also!

All our products come with an ironclad 100% quality guarantee, purity guarantee and of course a money back guarantee should any of our product range not meet or exceed your expectations.