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LGD-4033 – Lean Muscle Builder

LGD 4033 (VK5211, Ligandrol) is a brand new selective androgen receptor modulator (SARM) that targets the androgen receptors in the muscles resulting in lean muscle growth and increased strength.

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LGD-4033 is a non-toxic oral compound with a very strong effectiveness profile and highly promising clinical trial results so far.

It is a non-steroidal, orally administered SARM that binds to the androgen receptor with a high affinity and high selectivity. LGD 4033 demonstrates anabolic activity in muscles as well as anti-resorptive and anabolic activity in bones meaning that it grows and strengthens both of these tissues without adversely affecting the surrounding tissue.

It exhibits a high selectivity for muscle and bone tissue versus prostate and sebaceous glands unlike testosterone so in many cases this compound produces the therapeutic benefits of testosterone with improved safety and tolerability due to this tissue-selective mechanism.

LGD 4033 Research and Information

LGD 4033 is currently under development as a treatment for muscle wasting and osteoporosis through the company Viking Therapeutics because of its potential to increase muscle gain and bone strength.

Oral administration of the drug in Macaca fascicularis at daily doses varying from 0 to 75 mg/kg over 13 weeks demonstrated significant body weight gain in both male and female subjects.

Frequently Asked Questions About LGD 4033 (SARMS)

What research is currently being done on LG-4033?

In the Phase I clinical trial of 76 adult male humans in which the dose size was varied, a dose-dependent increase in lean body mass was observed with no significant adverse events over the 21 days of the trial. This means that the subjects gained lean muscle without experiencing any negative symptoms and speaks to the amazing potential of this compound to help build body mass.

Hemoglobin, prostate-specific antigen, aspartate aminotransferase, alanine aminotransferase, and QT intervals did not change significantly at any dose in this trial and lean body mass increased dose-dependently, but fat mass did not change significantly meaning that the compound builds muscle and bone without also increasing fat deposits.

Hormone levels and lipid levels all returned to baseline after treatment discontinuation.

The Phase 2 clinical trial currently underway consists of 120 patients recovering from hip fracture surgery. Improved lean body mass is the primary endpoint of this study and it is still ongoing but this compound has the potential to radically improve the quality of patient lives and increase the speed of recovery.

How Might LG-4033 Improve Muscle and Strength?

Overall LGD 4033 has amazing potential to aid in the development of muscle tissue and bone strength without increasing fat deposits or affecting other tissues in the body. It has the added advantage of aiding the healing process after muscle and bone injury and is a compound with staggering clinical potential.

What is Alpha-Lean-Up v2 ?

  • Alpha-Lean-Up v2: Nu-LG-4022
  • Molecular Formula Derivative: C15H12F6N21


  • Lean Gains
  • Clean Dry Pump

Alpha-Lean-Up v2 is a brand new compound that targets the androgen receptors in the muscles to create lean muscle growth and increase strength. Alpha-Lean-Up v2 is a non-toxic oral research compound with a very strong effectiveness profile and highly promising trial results showing exceptional and rapid lean muscle gain and growth.

This compound has currency been significantly improved upon and altered in molecular structure to represent a unique and proprietary derivative of several similar products.

This has been achieved through extensive research and development to ensure the absolute highest quality whilst maintaining the strictest standards around international product compliance and availability making our unique blends highly sought after and highly effective also!

All our products come with an ironclad 100% quality guarantee, purity guarantee, and of course, a money-back guarantee should any of our product range not meet or exceed your expectations.

What is the Typical Dosage?

LGD comes in a 30ml bottle at 10mg/ml so 1ml = 10mg. Typically, one will start between 5mg (.5 ml) and 10mg (1ml), once per day usually in the morning. One will usually run a cycle of Lean Gain Formula between 10 and 12 weeks.

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