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RAD 140 (Testolone)

RAD 140 is a selective androgen receptor modulator (SARM) currently under development by Radius Health as a product for testosterone replacement therapy capabilities to aid in the treatment of muscle wasting associated with diseases such as cancer. It was first discovered in 2010.

RAD 140 has been shown to carry key benefits attributable to increased testosterone in healthy male subjects and in animal models has been shown to counter the prostate enlargement caused by testosterone use. RAD140 stimulates the levator ani muscle in mouse studies.

In studies in Macaca fascicularis a mean weight gain of greater than 10% in just 28 days of dosing was achieved at a dose of just 0.1 mg/kg, with a similar effect observed at the 1.0 mg/kg dosing group. Through X-ray absorptiometry analysis no consistent effect on absolute fat mass was observed, whereas muscle showed a qualitative trend that increases with dosage. This means that RAD-140 has been shown to increase muscle mass without having a significant impact on fat deposits.

Research and Development: RAD 140

Clinical chemistry indicated the expected lowering of lipids (LDL, HDL, and triglycerides). Despite the rather dramatic increases in body weight over such a short time, there was no elevation of liver enzyme transaminase levels in any animal at any dose >2 fold over its baseline value which indicates this compound will not have adverse effects upon the liver.

RAD 140 is efficacy selective because it is fully anabolic on muscle but demonstrates less than complete efficacy on the prostate and seminal vesicles and can partially antagonize the stimulation of the seminal vesicles induced by testosterone.

Overall RAD-140 has excellent pharmacokinetics and is a potent anabolic in a nonhuman primate. The overall preclinical profile of RAD 140 is very good, and the compound has completed preclinical toxicology in both rats and monkeys. It is currently being prepared for Phase I clinical studies in patients suffering from severe weight loss due to cancer cachexia.

Trials to date have not shown any notable negative side effects and performance and lean muscle growth capabilities are well documented.

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Frequently Asked Questions about RAD 140

  • Andro-Rad: Nu-RAD-1478
  • Molecular Formula Derivative: C20H16ClN5O2


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What are the key Benefits of RAD 140?

Andro-RAD is currently under development as a product with testosterone replacement therapy capabilities which has been discovered to carry key benefits attributable to increased testosterone in healthy male subjects. Studies to date have not shown any negative side effects and performance and lean muscle growth capabilities are well documented in this new research compound.

This compound has currency been significantly improved upon and altered in molecular structure to represent a unique and proprietary derivative of several similar products.

This has been achieved through extensive research and development to ensure the absolute highest quality whilst maintaining the strictest standards around international product compliance and availability making our unique blends highly sought after and highly effective also!

Do You Offer Any Guarantees?

All our products come with an ironclad 100% quality guarantee, purity guarantee, and of course, a money-back guarantee should any of our product range not meet or exceed your expectations.

What is the Dosage for RAD 140?

RAD-140 comes in a 30ml bottle at 10mg/ml so 1ml equals 10mg. Typically, one will start at between 10mg or 1ml per day which can be increased to 20mg per day.

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