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CJC-1295 with DAC

Short name: Premium Performance Peptide

Concentration: 2mg

Volume: 3ml vial

Suggested Diluent: Bacteriostatic water

Molecular Formula: C152H252N44O42

Product Summary:

CJC-1295 is a synthetic GHRH analogue made up of 30 amino acids. It has been found to be highly effective with regards to the increase of growth hormone secretion and IGF-1 without negatively affecting the plasticity of GH secretion.

CJC-1295 is a peptide hormone that acts similar to growth hormone releasing hormones (GHRH). CJC-1295 increases the production of growth hormone as well as IGF-1 – which has anabolic effects in adults.

By increasing these two hormones, it enhances protein production in the body, which in turn, boosts muscle mass.

It also induces lipolysis – the breakdown of fat tissue, boosts recovery from injuries, increases bone density, and also reduces aging factors like skin wrinkles.

It can also stimulate cell growth, due to which it can be used to treat withered tissue or organs.

Key benefits:

  • Increased, safe and natural growth hormone secretion
  • Increases in IGF-1 Levels with no increase in prolactin
  • Increase Body Weight and Length through increased protein synthesis
  • Increased Muscle Growth
  • Increase Fat Loss
  • Increased Cellular Repair and Regeneration
  • Promotes slow wave sleep, responsible for the highest level of muscle growth
  • Promotes memory retention and rejuvenation.


CJC-1295 is sold in vials containing 2MG of lyophilised powder which should be stored under refrigeration. (It is acceptable however for them to be mailed unrefrigerated.)

The contents can be reconstituted by adding a convenient amount of sterile or bacteriostatic water.

For example:

2mg of powder

2ml of bacteriostatic water

equals 1,000 mcg/ml

At time of dosing, an insulin syringe is used to draw and then inject the desired amount.  In the above example, a 1,000 mcg dose would require a volume of 1 mL, or “100 IU” as marked on an insulin syringe. CJC-1295 with DAC can be dosed at either 500mcg or 1,000 mcg twice per week.

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