TA – 1

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Product name: Thymosin Alpha-1 5mg (TA-1)

Short name: Natural Immune Booster

Concentration: 5mg

Volume: 3ml vial

Suggested Diluent: Bacteriostatic water

Molecular Formula: C129H215N33O55


Product Summary:

Thymosin alpha 1 is a peptide naturally occurring in the thymus that has long been recognized for modifying, enhancing, and restoring immune function. Thymosin alpha 1 has been utilized in the treatment of immunocompromised states and malignancies, as an enhancer of vaccine response, and as a means of curbing morbidity and mortality in sepsis and numerous infections,


Thymosin alpha 1 is a 28 amino acid peptide originally isolated from the thymus, which has been extensively studied in terms of its functions in the immune system. Thymosin alpha 1 has long been recognized as an immune enhancing, immune modulating, as well as an immune restoring agent




TA-1  is sold in vials containing 5MG of lyophilised powder which should be stored under refrigeration. (It is acceptable however for them to be mailed unrefrigerated). The contents can be reconstituted by adding a convenient amount of sterile or bacteriostatic water.

For example:

5mg of powder

2ml of bacteriostatic water

equals 2500 mcg/ml

At time of dosing, an insulin syringe is used to draw and then inject the desired amount. In the above example a 500 mcg (or 0.5mg) dose would require 0.2 mL, or “20 IU” as marked on an insulin syringe.

The most common dosing protocol is to take 500mcg or 0.5 mg of TA-1 either once a day or every second day  for 2-4 weeks.


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