YK11 SARM for Muscle Gain: Benefits and Side Effects

yk11 sarm product - Australia

YK11 SARM is a product available in Australia that has become increasingly popular in the last few years.

It is commonly searched by bodybuilders and other people who want to improve their muscle mass. But, besides the esthetic component, this substance might also assist with some troublesome conditions.

Although YK 11 is one of the most popular SARMs product and among the fastest-growing SARMs on the market, it also has certain limitations. A lot of people even claim that it’s dangerous.

The truth is, we still have very limited data regarding the substance. This makes it harder to distinguish what is what.

In this article, we will try to uncover some of the main data points regarding the item. Check it out!

What is YK11 SARM?

Experts usually define YK11 as a steroid-SARM hybrid. It focuses on DHT, a hormone that is otherwise produced by our bodies.

As a stronger various of testosterone, it can affect androgen receptors throughout the body. Among others, it might interact with sex organs, hair, liver, and prostate.

Like most other similar products, YK 11 SARM is extremely popular among bodybuilders. Given how it works and how it’s advertised, people tend to believe they can achieve incredible muscle growth with minimal consequences.

However, as a mixture of steroid and SARM, it can be much more volatile than expected. Nevertheless, the initial studies show us YK-11 can be a great substance for those who want to improve their muscle mass and bone health.

Even though there are a lot of indications that the product is the next big thing on the supplement market, sceptics are still conservative due to the lack of animal studies. YK11 is categorized as a research substance. In other words, most health organizations have not accepted it.

Because of that, we usually refer to the individual experience of the users, which tends to be favourable. A lot of them claim they have achieved enormous muscle growth without suffering side effects or by suffering minimal drawbacks.

YK 11 as a SARM

As already mentioned, people often label this product as a SARM.

This isn’t completely true, as it’s a mixture of SARM and steroid. If you ever used SARMs, you should keep in mind that this substance is a bit different in terms of its potential impact.

The main reason why some experts and users label it as a SARM is that it has a selective impact on receptors. That makes it technically a SARM, although it has a steroidal molecular structure.

How does YK-11 work?

This product has numerous similarities to DHT. First of all, they have a very similar chemical structure.

They also bind to receptors in a similar way. The hormone is very important for us, especially during puberty. It affects various functions like prostate function, hair growth, and body development.

A lot of people claim that this is one of the strongest SARMs (if we were to classify it as one). Naturally, this makes sense, given that it has a steroid structure, and steroids usually provide much more noticeable benefits and muscle growth.

According to the latest study, the product works by increasing follistatin. It is a type of protein that works by suppressing myostatin.

If you didn’t know, myostatin is a chemical that inhibits muscle growth. So, by taking YK11, you are allowing your muscles to grow freely. Besides muscles, DHT also plays a major role when it comes to bone health and integrity.

YK 11 potential benefits

Although YK-11 is not thoroughly researched, and we need more data to make sure it is not harmful, here are some of the potential benefits based on the user reviews and limited data we have:

  • Muscle growth

Like most other similar products, YK 11 SARM is mostly used for muscle growth.

But, if you do experience muscle growth, always remember that this might lead to some other potential benefits such as increased energy, endurance, and strength. In order to reach maximum results, it is necessary for a person to train during this period. Otherwise, there is no point in taking the drug.

  • Bone health

YK11 might also provide an improvement to your bone structure. It might be good for people who are suffering from various bone conditions and, in particular, bone degradation. Some people claim that this function may also prove to be useful in case of athletic and other injuries.

YK 11 may increase levels of PKB or protein kinase B. Then, the protein sends a signal throughout the bone, telling it to increase its bones.

What do users say?

Although the data is limited, although this drug is not approved, most users claim they’ve managed to achieve impressive gains by using it. Our evidence is mostly anecdotal, making it a bit hard to determine what is what. If anything, at least these stories are positive.

If we were to trust user reviews, you could start gaining muscle mass in a week or so. Of course, YK-11 is still in its research phase, which means we don’t have the optimal, recommended dose. To make things even worse, a lot of bodybuilders tend to overdo it in order to get faster and better results. So, your potential gains may be affected by the cycle length, dosage, and stacks.

Anyway, the users often say how YK11 provides similar results as other SARMs. According to them, the product might be used for straight muscle gain as well as fat burning.

Some of these claims go as far as to say that the product is completely safe. Still, we would always suggest caution. According to others, they haven’t experienced any improvement whatsoever.

YK11 Dosage

In terms of dosage, you have a lot of leeways. We still don’t know what’s the ideal dosage for this substance, but people usually go with 10mg to 15mg, which is split between the morning and the evening. But, the variance is pretty steep; some people go with 5mg while there are those who ramp it up all the way to 30. The whole cycle can last anywhere from 4 to 8 weeks.

The product can be either ingested or injected.

The users tend to stack it with RAD140 and LGD-4033. When stacked, it is much better to go with a lower dosage of 5 to 10mg. Again, there are no exact rules or guides. Always remember that stacking makes the process a bit more complicated, and thus, potentially a bit riskier.

How it’s used in sports?

The substance is illegal, according to the World Anti-Doping Agency.

If you’re a professional athlete, and if your competitions are supervised, we suggest against using the substance. Amateur athletes have much more leeway, which is exactly why YK 11 SARM is popular among bodybuilders.

We have already mentioned that the product might be used for bone injuries. Still, that doesn’t make it legal if you decide to use it.

Potential issues

Similar to potential benefits, the side effects are also anecdotal.

Given its impact on follistatin, YK-11 may lead to some serious issues. By increasing the amount of the substance in the body, you might experience problems such as skin damage, stomach and esophagus issues, and even prostate cancer. However, the substance might provide some benefits for breast cancer in women.

Like other steroids, the substance may cause issues to your liver increasing its toxicity. There is also a chance you’ll experience hair loss, prostate issues, acne, mild testosterone suppression, low energy, joint pain, and damage to vocal cords.

Reportedly, there were cased of increased aggression when using it.

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