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Clomi Boost



Product name: Clomi
Short name: Enhanced Recovery
Molecular Formula: C26H28ClNO
Concentration: 40mg/ml
Volume: 30ml
Clomi Citrate, is similar to a SERM (selective oestrogen receptor modulator), so it’s in the same grouping as tamoxifen (nova).
Male bodybuilders who cycle anabolic products have found that the mechanisms of increased LH (luteinising hormone) can be taken advantage of to increase total testosterone levels. This is why Clomiphene is popular in post cycle therapy (PCT) among those who cycle anabolic steroids.
Clomi stimulates the hypophysis to release more gonadotropins. Gonadotropins are protein hormones that are secreted by gonadotrope cells of the pituitary gland and stimulate faster and higher release of follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) and luteinising hormone (LH).
Clomi is one of the most effective options for post cycle therapy due to its effectiveness and has been shown to not only normalise free testosterone levels and production post-cycle but in some instances can elevate levels beyond 100% resulting in keepable lean gains and sustainable natural testosterone production.
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