How innovation in science is changing muscle tech!

Innovation in science is a key building block in muscle tech and compound development and evolution. Recent developments in various markets have driven appetite and demand for new and improved compounds.

As such science and development around existing compounds has moved rapidly to the point where we are seeing new derivatives being released that are meeting global regulatory standards in terms of compliance and also exceeding results standards in terms of growth and effectiveness.

Phoenix Gen Tech have spend thousands of hours working to create the most advanced blends of compounds that are not only priced modestly below market leaders but by many if not all accounts from our clients are producing a quality that is ahead of many.

Our proprietary compound blends are sought after for not only their effectiveness but their status in terms of research compound compliance, meaning all our compounds have the stamp of approval for the highest grade performance compounds on the market without the hassle of having to constantly keep up with ever changing compliance requirements.

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