A Review of SARM S-23, Features and Uses

SARM S-23, Features and Uses


SARMs are steadily gaining popularity as one of supplements that can be used to get massive results from working out. As the use of steroids has begun to fade due to their highly toxic side effects, SARMs are now considered a worthy alternative.

Selective androgen receptor modulators bestow many benefits to the body, most of which are on par with the effects of anabolic steroids. However, unlike steroids, SARMs are said to cause fewer and less intense adverse reactions, thereby making them safer for use.

These compounds arrived on the scene a few years ago, mostly due to scientific research into substances that can improve the quality of life with little to no complications. After their anabolic and androgenic properties were discovered, SARMs became highly sought-after products for bodybuilders and athletes who want to get impressive gains within short periods.

Currently, there are different types of SARMs on the market, and while most have similar mechanisms of action, they possess significant differences that make each of them unique.

This article will focus on th S-23, its uses, features, benefits, and side effects. People who are new to the world of SARMs or looking to buy s-23 may benefit from the information below.

A Description Of S-23

S-23 is a compound that was created by GTX Inc, a pharmaceutical company that specializes in the development of SARMs. It was initially developed as a hormonal contraceptive for males.

S-23 works by linking to androgen receptors in specific parts of the body. Its selective affinity for androgens is one of the reasons why it is speculated that SARMs pose less harm than steroids. S-23 binds only with proteins in the bones and muscles, limiting their effect on organs and lowering the risk of causing chronic diseases.

Androgen receptors are essential proteins that influence the impact of hormones like testosterone and estrogen in the body. They receive signals from androgens and transmit these signals to various systems, such as the reproductive system.

SARMs mimic the action of testosterone on the receptors, leading to beneficial effects that are usually derived from naturally occurring hormones.

Features of S-23 SARM

S-23 is believed to be among the most potent forms of SARMs available for bulking. A few sources have compared its properties to that of powerful anabolic steroids. It is an advanced supplement that is usually recommended for careful use by seasoned bodybuilders and fitness experts.

S-23 has undergone preliminary clinical trials and animal testing, the results of which form most of the basis of the available evidence of this drug’s efficacy. Although scientists have not conducted any tests on humans, anecdotes and testimonials from users have led to some interesting findings.

The use of S-23 can lead to some positive outcomes, some of which are;

Build Up of Muscle Mass

One of the significant functions of testosterone is the development of muscle mass. S-23 is believed to be responsible for a rapid increase in the size of muscles.

The SARM stimulates the androgen receptors, leading to an increase in the development and proliferation of muscle cells. This action results in the build-up of substantial lean muscle bulk within a short time.

Increase In Strength

People who use S-23 have reported exponential growth in their level of energy. Users were able to beat their personal bests and lift several pounds more than their standard weights.

S-23 is also said to produce a considerable amount of endurance, allowing for more extended sets and shorter resting times. The ability to perform more intense exercises for longer periods means that you can pack on more muscles quickly.

Influence On Fertility

When S-23 was administered to rats, it was discovered that their reproductive function was severely affected. Rats that were given S-23 experienced lower sperm production than rats in the control group. However, the rats were able to return to the normal level of sperm production when they stopped taking S-23. These findings led scientists to believe that S-23 can be an effective contraceptive for men.

Some accounts also point to the possibility of S-23 significantly impacting the sex drive. Postmenopausal women can potentially use it as a way of improving their libido.

Weight Loss

S-23 can be used to reduce fat and promote a clean-cut look. It can influence the rate of metabolism, leading to reduced storage of fat cells and inhibiting their proliferation. With S-23, you can lose your desired weight without compromising the muscle gains you have already achieved.

Adverse Effects Of S-23

Although SARMs are believed to be less harmful than anabolic steroids, they can still cause a few side effects that can affect your health significantly. According to reports from users, some of the adverse reactions are;

  • Depletion of Testosterone: One of the major consequences of using S-23 is the severe reduction of naturally produced testosterone. S-23 is so potent that the body would require a long time to return to the normal level of testosterone. Hence, you can experience some symptoms of low testosterone levels, such as depression, fatigue, and erectile dysfunction.
  • Loss Of Hair: S-23 can cause hair to fall off gradually, leading to significant hair loss and balding. The hair follicles can be weakened due to the action of S-23; however, hair loss usually stops once you stop using the supplement.
  • Increased Level of Aggression: Some people noticed that during a cycle of S-23, they experienced abnormal levels of hostility and aggression. Although it was not as pronounced as the effects of steroids, their aggressiveness increased enough to be noticeable and concerning.

In addition, the increased metabolic activity that is a byproduct of using S-23 can cause the body to give off excess heat leading to extreme dehydration, especially during the night. It has also not been established whether the use of S-23 can increase the risk of cancer and other life-threatening diseases.

As stated above, S-23 and the majority of the SARMs have not undergone any human-based research, and as such, the full extent of its impact on the body can not be ascertained. It is recommended to use S-23 with caution and contact healthcare professionals when you notice any adverse reactions.