Ipamorelin: Basics, Benefits & Potential Issues


Ipamorelin is one of the most popular peptides on the market. The substance is often used to reduce signs of aging, but it can also be a great source of energy, it can hasten your metabolism, and improve overall body fitness.

Like all other peptides, Ipamorelin works by triggering certain receptors in our body, thus increasing the production of certain valuable substances. In this particular case, the product works by affecting parts of our body that are regulating the aging process.

Ipamorelin has gained a lot of popularity in the last few years. Besides the cosmetic industry, it is often used by fitness and bodybuilding enthusiasts. However, it can help anyone who wants to regulate internal processes.

In the end, we can all benefit by stopping Father Time.

Ipamorelin basics

As already mentioned, Ipamorelin is a peptide with a simple structure. It has 5 chains of amino acids. Peptides are very similar to proteins, but they have a less complex structure.

This is precisely why our body can easily process them, unlike proteins that require some time. Formally, people refer to it as a growth hormone secretagogue.

Keep in mind that this is not a hormone supplement. Instead, it works by stimulating the pituitary gland, which then produces hormones in our body.

The substance also works as a ghrelin hormone secretagogue. So, it will create a similar impact to that produced by the ghrelin hormone.

When such a type of reaction occurs, other hormones may be stimulated as well. This can cause quite a mess within a body.

However, the reaction that Ipamorelin causes is selective; it usually doesn’t affect other parts of the body, which is why you won’t experience serious side effects or simultaneous changes.

What do you need to know about the human growth hormone?

Most people don’t know much about human growth hormone, and how it impacts our body.

This hormone is crucial for our organism as it regulates numerous things. As the name implies, it affects the way our body grows and develops. It will also impact our muscle mass. But, there is much more to ghrelin than this.

As time goes by, growth hormone levels start to diminish. After the age of 30, the hormone secretion levels are reduced by 15% each decade onwards.

This is precisely why most of us can use a supplement or secretagogue, such as Ipamorelin. Ghrelin is responsible for various processes and is directly connected to aging.

As we get less and less of this substance, we will get easily fatigued, have a slower metabolism, difficulty creating and maintain muscle mass, issues when healing wounds, etc.

Although we cannot completely negate these effects, nor can we restore the previous, natural hormone levels in our body, we can try to stimulate the gland, so it produces more hormones.

How does the drug work?

Although Ipamorelin might seem intimidating, it does have a relatively simple working concept. Furthermore, it is much more natural than some other substances that you can buy over the counter.

For example, using synthetic growth hormone can be really troublesome as it disrupts your biological processes. You cannot simply administer human growth hormone and expect for everything to be ok. Most of these synthetic hormones cause severe side effects, which may even lead to cancer.

But, peptides such as Ipamorelin are quite different from the traditional hormone injections.

First of all, they are peptides, and as we previously mentioned, these substances are much easier for the body to process.

Secondly, they are not meant to replace the naturally occurring substance. Instead, they are just stimulating the production of hormones.

In that sense, they have a secondary impact. The human growth hormones produced in such manner will be natural, coming straight from the pituitary gland.

There is a lot of merit to Ipamorelin and other peptides, and if you check the market numbers, you will know that this is true. People are simply crazy about the drug, as they finally have a proper replacement for traditional hormone therapy.

How can you benefit from Ipamorelin?

Based on everything you’ve read so far, it is obvious that Ipamorelin can be a great substance for countering signs of aging. Besides esthetics and degenerative conditions, it might also be used for children who are unable to secrete enough human growth hormone by themselves.

Bear in mind that there are certain risks involved if you decide to use Ipamorelin in such a way. Most of the studies have been performed on animals, so it is really hard to say if the drug can be a suitable solution for kids.

Here is how most people use it:

  • To decreases body fat and as a supplemental cholesterol treatment
  • For increasing energy, and improving metabolism
  • Ipamorelin is also used by people who want to achieve better sports results and increase their muscle mass
  • The drug is great for wound treatment
  • It can be used to improve bone density, and as such, it can be a great prevention medicine for osteoporosis
  • Ipamorelin might be used by people suffering from insomnia

Given that it has a selective impact, it won’t cause an additional disturbance in your body.

For example, certain drugs are known for their wholesome impact. They might cause a high increase ghrelin increase, as well as secretion of ATCH and cortisol.

While this might help you treat the abovementioned conditions, it will also cause other unwanted effects. The whole situation will be much harder to control, and countering all the effects simultaneously will become much harder.

Potential issues

Ipamorelin is a pretty good drug in terms of its side effects. In other words, it will not cause serious issues like some other hormonal therapies.

No matter what, it is very important to use Ipamorelin according to the manufacturer’s or doctor’s recommendation. The drug is used subcutaneously.

If you do experience side effects, they might include the following:

  • General irritation around the injection site
  • Dry mouth
  • Improvement of appetite and boost of other metabolic processes (this is also a sign that the drug is working properly)
  • Nausea
  • Change in your body weight or muscle mass (again, these are expected results after drug usage given that its meant to stimulate your metabolic processes)
  • Water retention due to overdose

If you’ve used a substance similar to Ipamorelin, you will probably know what to expect. Keep in mind that some of these side effects are not unnatural; they appear as a result of the drug working properly.

Naturally, like with all other drugs and external substances, counter-indications may appear if you’re using conflicting medicines.

This is especially true if you’re combining several peptides or using Ipamorelin with other drugs that are meant to stimulate the pituitary gland. We suggest that you consult with your doctor if you decide to combine several therapies at once.

How to properly administer the drug?

A great thing about Ipamorelin is that it comes in several different forms. Besides injections, it also comes in oral and nasal form.

If you buy the drug online, keep in mind that it comes in 150 mg dosage. This is one daily injection, so you won’t have to hassle with determining how much you need to take.

Some manufacturers suggest that you use Ipamorelin with similar anti-aging peptides. However, don’t take anything by yourself as you might experience side effects due to incompatible therapy.

If you decide to buy oral Ipamorelin, you will have to take it orally, in the evening.

How to buy Ipamorelin online?

This is quite a specific substance. It is usually sold over the counter, through various online shops.

This is precisely what makes it tricky. Given the impact of the drug, you need to be very careful when making a purchase. You cannot risk using an untested product, or a product sold by a shady web store.

Luckily, there are certain tricks that can help you find the right Ipamorelin store:

  • Always buy from stores that specialize in Ipamorelin and/or peptides. They can provide the best assistance if anything goes wrong. You can also rest assured they have the highest quality brands
  • Buy from stores that have proper data protection
  • Focus on stores that have been in business for a while. You can check online reviews to learn more about their track record, and customers’ satisfaction

With these simple tips, you will find a perfect Ipamorelin provider!