SARM S-4 (Andarine): Benefits, Dosage, Side Effect

S-4 (Andarine)

S-4 (Andarine) is a SARM (selective androgen receptor modulator) and works by binding to the androgen receptor in bones and muscles, not only triggering muscle growth and maintaining lean body mass but actually increasing it as well.

Andarine was originally developed to help with diseases such as muscle wasting (from cancer or AIDS), osteoporosis, and enlargement of the prostate.

How does S-4 SARM work?

S-4 works similarly to anabolics in many ways, such as increasing protein synthesis, thereby causing muscle growth.

However, unlike steroids such as testosterone, they don’t cause the growth effect on the prostate, or other secondary sexual organs; and the nonskeletal muscle tissues are not targeted for androgenic activity.

Neither is there any conversion to estrogen, liver strain, or severe HPTA (hypothalamic pituitary testicular axis) suppression, which are general side-effects you’ll see with anabolics.

There have been many studies done on S-4 which have shown significant findings: taking a small dose of S-4 every day resulted in restored skeletal muscle.

In addition, comparative studies showed that increases in bone mass and bone strength were observed at a higher rate with S-4 than were with DHT (dihydrotestosterone) related steroids.

Furthermore, studies showed S-4 to be superior in losing fat, preventing bone loss, improving skeletal muscle strength, and increasing lean body mass in a shorter amount of time, with significantly fewer side effects than any anabolics exhibited – highlighting the abilities and the actual strength of Andarine.

S-4 is known to be more effective in cutting – with its abilities to provide huge increases in strength, along with lean muscle gain and hardening, it gives very aesthetically pleasing results, adding size, shape, and vascularity, with little to no water retention.

It’s definitely a SARM to look at fitting in for contesting, finishing off a cycle, or cleaning up gains.

Andarine: The perfect bridge

It is also perfect for a bridge in between steroid cycles – helping to keep and solidify muscle cycles and clean them up.

Just like every other SARM, you’ll find that when you stack them you get a synergistic advantage due to the qualities each one provides – they all have similar characteristics to a point, but have specific qualities that pronounce that particular compound.

Because it works so well and is so versatile you’ll find this fits perfectly into a stack for bulking and recomping along with cutting; and also fits into many other types of scenarios.

The only known side effect

S4 has one side effect – it has an affinity to bind to the androgen receptors in the eyes, which is not a permanent or harmful factor, however, for certain people it may cause discomfort.

When this occurs, the person is probably going to have problems adjusting their vision from darkness to light, and they may see a yellowish hue or tint in their vision. This tends to happen at certain points later in the cycle, and for those who are sensitive, this could become an issue.

There are two options you have if this does become a problem:

  • You can lower your dose – people sometimes try to go too high too quickly – there is a correct protocol to follow that will reduce the likelihood of this adverse reaction.
  • You can dose 5 days on, then 2 days off – due to the half-life of S-4 being 4-6 hours, it leaves your system very quickly, so in the 2 day period, you should find your vision impairment dissipates. Unfortunately, coming off S-4 for those 2-day breaks results in missing those days of gains – however, if there is no other way to resolve this issue, it has to be done.

The only other concern with S-4 is very slight suppression, which is very easy to recover from.

As the half-life of Andarine is very short you will need to split your doses during the day.

 S-4 (Andarine) dosage for cutting and recomping

General dosing 50mg – 75mg daily: 25mg 2-3x daily (once in the morning, then 4-6 hourly intervals) – assess your toleration and build up to 75mg daily when required.

Recommended dosing for cutting: 25mg 2x daily (once in the morning, then 4-6 hours later) for 6-8 weeks.

Recommended dosing for recomping: 25mg 2-3x daily (once in the morning then 4-6 hour intervals) for 4-8 weeks.

Final words

In conclusion, when S-4 is used properly, safely, and responsibly, you can expect amazing results.

As an extremely viable, and in some circumstances, more effective compound than steroids, incorporating Andarine into your schedule will give amazing cutting and recomping benefits, as well as bone strengthening and great healing capacities.