New GW-501516 (Cardarine) Studies and Findings

New Cardarine Studies and Findings


Before we look into the studies and findings that have been done with this amazing drug, lets first examine its profile.

What is GW-501516?

GW-501516 (Cardarine) is popularly considered a SARM, however, it is technically a PPAR-delta agonist (peroximone proliferator-activated receptor).

Primarily, Cardarine was developed for the treatment of diabetes, heart problems, obesity, and lipid strain. It’s health benefits occur because it has the ability to activate the same genetic pathways the body activates when exercising.

Although trials were discontinued in 2007-2008, due to concerns over cancer development in several organs in mice and rats, the amounts of Cardarine administered to the rodents in those studies were around 900mg per day (the equivalent of 14,625 mg of aspirin) which defied logic, considering the fact that the suggested dosage amount per day is 20 mg.

Further studies failed to offer evidence that PPARs such as GW-501516 increased cancer growth.

The drug is still bought on the black market and widely used by bodybuilders and athletes today, for its incredible performance-enhancing, endurance, and fat burning qualities.

6 Health benefits of Cardarine

Additionally, the health benefits of Cardarine are not to be overlooked, as it is an extremely promising drug for the combating of major diseases, as the following information states:

  • GW-501516 has a great capacity to increase the healing process during an injury. One of the processes that take place involves specialized cells called myofibroblasts – these cells are hybrids – ½ muscle cells and ½ fiber-producing cells – and can contract more strongly than even skeletal muscle and cardiac muscle cells.

    Myofibroblasts line the edges of our wounds – they contract forcibly to bring the wound edge together and form a sturdy instrumental type of framework on which new cells are made, which is how the body heals.

    GW-501516 has shown to target receptors in the myofibroblasts, so that during the event of an injury they contract even more strongly, and produce more fibers, to enable much faster healing – faster than the human body is capable of doing naturally.

  • With the rising prevalence of type 2 diabetes and obesity, fatty liver disease is emerging as major chronic liver disease, with insulin resistance, oxidative stress, and mitochondrial dysfunction being major biological mechanisms leading to this diseased state.

    Furthermore, the evidence is accumulating to suggest fatty liver disease occurs due to a metabolic strain on the liver due to damage done in the breakdown of alkylated, orally administered compounds.

    Studies of over 175 million people living in North America have shown that GW-501516 can prevent and treat fatty liver disease by completely restructuring the metabolism of the liver at the cellular level, which in turn dissolves the fat accumulated within, reducing inflammation in the liver tissue.

  • In terms of weight loss, Sarms like Cardarine can literally reverse metabolic abnormalities in obese people.

    GW-501516 works by generating pro-inflammatory markers in fatty tissue and decreasing the activity of genes involved in lipogenesis – stopping fatty acid chains from forming into fat storage cells.

    It does this by burning fat with the increase of glucose uptake in skeletal muscle tissue – literally using fat stores for energy, rather than carbohydrates. Cardarine does this at such a rate that it is being touted as ‘the cure for obesity’.

  • GW-501516 is useful for the prevention of heart attacks.

    The heart comes under tremendous and strenuous loads, especially when body fat is higher, diet is rich in sugars, or while a person is sick. It’s a unique type of muscle -the only muscle that prefers using fat for energy. Cardarine has been shown to act on receptors within the heart muscle cells, that shift energy-producing metabolism dramatically.

    This allows the heart muscle cells to burn the fat more efficiently at a higher rate. It has been speculated that this allows the heart to push through metabolic barriers that occur during stress, and even during heart attacks.

  • GW-501516 combats arterial wall hardening and protects your blood vessels.

    The deposition of fat causing the hardening of the arteries is the number one cause of death worldwide. Cardarine acts on special cells called the endothelium, that line the walls of our blood vessels. These cells are damaged over the years – even with an ideal diet – and through the deposition of fat that naturally circulates in our bloodstream.

    Cardarine blocks the influx of fat into these cells, protecting them, and diverting fat to metabolic pathways to be used elsewhere in the body.

  • Medically, GW-501516 is also designed to treat cholesterol and control blood pressure – therein, all of these studies show the major benefits of Cardarine – the information is prevalent, and this goes to show why it is so highly regarded and praised in the medical and athletic worlds.

7 benefits for bodybuilders who use GW-501516

In regards to bodybuilding, GW-501516 is the ultimate endurance enhancer, and its benefits include:

  • A continuous rise in vo2 max, which allows you to build endurance and to give maximum output, translating into maximum gains
  • Decreased recovery periods
  • Non-catabolic fat loss – allowing you to keep your gains as you get leaner
  • Acceleration of results in bulking and cutting
  • An overall sense of well-being
  • No known side-effects
  • Increasingly better results the longer you take it

Final words

In conclusion, GW-501516 is a major player in the ‘SARMs’ world – and stacked with virtually any other compound it provides clean energy and enhances your efforts, taking you to the next level – both in health and gains.