How Well Do Sarms Work?

How Well Do SARMS Work


Nowadays, sarms are gaining a lot of attention as an excellent alternative to steroids. Useful for athletes, bodybuilders and regular people looking to bBuy SARMS in Australia, these compounds are known for providing many benefits that can improve the health status and help increase muscle strength and endurance.

While sarms have been compared with steroids in terms of their effect on the human body, there are significant differences in their mode of action.

Unlike anabolic steroids, sarms are relatively new to the scene and, as such, have not been featured in as many studies or clinical trials as steroids. However, a lot of people, mostly athletes, have taken to using this substance as a supplement to boost their muscle gains.

If you are new to the world of sarms and fitness supplements, this article would be a guide to help you figure out if you want to add sarms and their products to your routine.

First, What are Sarms?

Selective Androgen Receptors Modulators (SARMS) are compounds that bind to androgenic receptors in the body to produce a range of therapeutic and muscle-building effects. While steroids elicit anabolic reactions and target all the androgenic receptors in the body, sarms do not work the same way. Instead, they work with specific receptors in the muscle tissue, fat and tendons to produce targeted effects.

Due to the way sarms work, they do not produce severe adverse effects on other organs in the body, such as the liver and the prostate. They are, therefore, considered much safer for use than anabolic steroids.

Mechanism of Action

Receptors can be compared to messengers in the body; they receive signals from the brain and central nervous system and carry out these messages in various parts of the body. Each organ and tissue has its own set of receptors, and the actions of these transmitters regulate most bodily functions.

The brain also facilitates the loss of fat in areas where excess fat cells are stored. When you ingest or inject yourself with sarms, it searches for a limited number of receptors, specifically in the muscles and fat tissues. These receptors then send signals to the brain to begin to build up strength at these locations.

Sarms typically do not target organs and, as such, are less likely to cause complications and systemic disorders that can severely affect your health status. Their targeted mode of action is a major criterion that has made them a preferred supplement for fitness enthusiasts looking to bulk up in a short amount of time.

Potential Benefits of Sarms

There are a lot of benefits to be derived from using sarms, regardless of whether you are a bodybuilder or a regular person who can use the effects of sarms to boost their health status.

Some of the potential benefits include;

  • It helps in the development of lean muscle mass
  • It can be used to correct muscle wastage and atrophy
  • It increases bone density and facilitates mineralisation
  • It can help in cutting excess weight
  • It can reverse signs of ageing, both internally and externally
  • Sarms can lead to better performance and endurance
  • They can help to reduce the time needed for healing and cell repair
  • They can aid muscle recovery and promote adequate sleep and rest.

Do Sarms Really Work?

There are several types of sarms available today, each of which has its specific effects on the body. Among the popular sarms that bodybuilders and athletes use are;

  1. Ostarine (MK 2866)
  2. Andarine
  3. Cardarine
  4. YK-11
  5. Stenabolic
  6. Testolone

Each of these compounds is best suited for either muscle building, increasing muscle strength or shedding fat tissues. For instance, ostarine and testolone are known for causing a rapid increase in lean muscle tissues. Mandarine and stenabolic have also been known to help control calorie intake and shed excess weight.

Most bodybuilders use sarms either in cycles or by using different types of these supplements at once, in a practice commonly known as ‘stacking’.

Stacking is a good way to get the best results from sarms as each has specific benefits that can be optimised by combining them. You can also choose to complete one cycle of sarms before beginning another to better study how your body reacts to each form of sarm supplement.

Like every other drug, the efficacy of sarms in your body system will be dependent on various factors such as;

  • Diet and nutritional status
  • Your workout regimen
  • Genetics and DNA factors
  • Dosage
  • Frequency and intensity of exercises.

Typically, most people gain between 8 to 15 pounds of muscle after a three-month cycle of muscle-building sarms. You can also lose about 10 to 18 pounds of fat during the same length of use.

According to clinical studies, sarms have been shown to increase bone formation, mineral density and strength in healthy men. Ostarine was also discovered to have improved insulin sensitivity and increased lean body mass, thereby making it a worthy form of therapy for diabetic patients.

Sarms have also been found to be a potentially viable treatment for cachexia, which is a form of muscle wastage that occurs as a result of chronic systemic diseases such as cancer, immune deficiency disorders like HIV and AIDS, osteoporosis, immobility and multiple sclerosis.


Sarms have undergone a significant number of reviews and clinical trials in recent years. Results have shown that these compounds can bring about several targeted beneficial therapeutic effects on the body without causing excessive cell growth and proliferation in other organs.

Fitness gurus most commonly use these receptor modulators to help fast-track the build up of muscle tissues and strength as well as cutting off excess fat.

Sarms can either be used individually in a cycle or stacked together to get the full range of benefits within a short period.

Although these forms of supplements are known to produce fewer side effects in contrast to anabolic steroids, misuse or unethical use of sarms can still lead to some severe systemic disorders. Hence, it is important to follow the dosage prescribed by an expert and stop using the compounds immediately after you experience any adverse effects.