LGD-4033 – Ligandrol Benefits and Uses

LGD-4033 - Ligandrol Benefits and Uses - Phoenix Gen SARMS Australia


LGD-4033, commonly known as Ligandrol, has been gaining massive popularity in the last decade. Although the FDA has yet to approve this performance-enhancing substance, its users argue its efficacy is unparalleled. Here is a breakdown of everything you need to know about LGD-4033.

What Is LGD-4033?

The LGD-4033 is a selective androgen receptor modulator (SARM), a substance revered for its therapeutic benefits. According to its manufacturers, LGD-4033 recreates the performance of testosterone, an anabolic hormone. Testosterone effectively manages muscle and bone loss, which are rampant conditions, especially in the aging population.

How Does LGD-4033 Work?

Ligandrol uses a unique working formulation compared to anabolic steroids. As such, its effects are mild and considered safer than the anabolic steroids, which might induce strong effects.

Like other SARMs, Ligandrol components attach to androgen receptors, activating them. The activation of androgen receptors makes them multiply all the anabolic processes. Consequently, all the muscles and bones start to develop and strengthen.

How was LGD-4033 Developed?

The initial purpose for developing Ligandrol was to manage some health issues. Most importantly, the substance targeted people undergoing intense muscle wastage among dystrophy patients.

After the patients responded positively to this SARM, bodybuilders started trying it out along with MK-677 for building muscles. According to bodybuilders who have used Ligandrol, they have experienced a significant muscle gain.

Scientists are yet to prove whether there is a correlation between Ligandrol intake and muscle gain. Given the limited knowledge of its efficacy and impact on the body, Ligandrol, WADA has banned its use for people who compete in professional sports.

What are the Benefits of LGD-4033?

The continued use of Ligandrol is linked to the benefits that its users attain from it. The following are some of the benefits of using this SARM:

Muscle Gain

Clinical experiments carried out on humans have revealed that Ligandrol has the potential to boost muscle gain. Besides the clinical studies, bodybuilders who have been using Ligandrol have bigger muscles and overall body size than those who don’t.

The clinical and anecdotal evidence means that taking LGD-4033 is effective in muscle gain. Bodybuilders, people who exercise regularly, and the elderly can use LGD-4033 for muscle gain.

Improves Cognitive Health

Another benefit of LGD-4033 is its ability to improve one’s mental health. Most research on this SARM is based on its ability to improve physical strength, overlooking mental health. According to research, taking LGD-4033 improves a person’s mental strength, which helps the users to stay focused. Additionally, improved mental health helps users stay motivated and endure more when lifting weights.

Improves Bones’ Strength

The activation of the androgen receptors by Ligandrol also helps the bones to gain density and strength. Strong bones translate to more endurance and a strong foundation for developing muscles. Bodybuilders who lift heavy weights agree that strong skeletal strength is crucial since it reduces the risk of fractures.

Faster Recovery

Fatigue, muscle tear, and wear are common setbacks that bodybuilders experience when exercising. When one or more of these incidences occur, the recovery process might be slow, making them exercise irregularly.

Preclinical studies on rodents have revealed that taking SARM can help torn muscles and broken bones heal faster. Although researchers have yet to prove this is true, bodybuilders argue that Ligandrol has improved their recovery process. After observing bodybuilders self-medicate with Ligandrol, we saw a significant improvement in their recovery journey.

Improves Cardiovascular Performance

Taking Ligandrol increases cardiovascular performance with time. The more you take this SARM, the more your cardiovascular health improves. However, you should take Ligandrol in moderation to lower the risk of developing cardiac arrest.

Increases Libido

One of the distinct features of LGD-4033 is its ability to boost one’s libido. According to anecdotal reports, taking the Ligandrol improves a person’s libido, energy, and cognition, which are rare with other anabolic substances. The users also revealed that their sexual performance improved significantly after using this SARM.

Which is the Right Dose for Ligandrol?

Consumption of the right dose of Ligandrol has been a huge challenge, especially for beginners. According to the people who have been consuming Ligandrol for a long time, you can gain a substantial amount of muscle by taking as low as 1mg of Ligandrol daily. Taking 25mg of Ligandrol can also give you the same results, albeit with minimal side effects.

If your body can withstand high doses, you can take as low as 5-10mg of Ligandrol daily. Once the body adapts to this SARM, it takes four to eight weeks for you to notice any significant changes in your muscle size.

It is advisable to take start Ligandrol in small doses and improve the dose gradually to reduce the risk of overdose.

What Interval Should You Take LGD-40300?

When you take Ligandrol, it takes between 24 and 36 hours to be half-absorbed into the body. Thus, taking one dose of this SARM once a day is recommendable. The more you take Ligandrol, the more it builds up in your bloodstream.​_

Unlike other SARMs, which perform optimally when mixed with other substances, Ligandrol gives the best results when taken alone.

What are the Side Effects of Ligandrol?

There is limited research on Ligandrol; therefore, its side effects have not been fully revealed. However, it is important to point out the side-effects which are related to this SARM, both minor and major.

Potential minor effects in LGD-40300

Some of the minor side effects of Ligandrol include:

  • Cottonmouth (dry mouth).
  • Low testosterone due to high intake of this SARM.
  • Headache.

Potential major side effects in LGD-40300

Here is a list of the most common major side effects that you might experience after long-term use of Ligandrol:

  • High risk of liver damage.
  • High risk of a heart attack.
  • High risk of stroke.
  • Adverse effect on the blood lipid levels.

From this article, you are now conversant with LGD-40300, also known as Ligandrol. You can use this SARM to generate muscles and improve your overall physical health as a bodybuilder. If you are a professional sportsperson, you should avoid this SARM since it is yet to be approved. Take your time to understand LGD-40300 better to get optimal benefits and value for money.