The No-Nonsense Guide To Buying Peptides

The No-Nonsense Guide To Buying Peptides - Phoenix Gen SARMS Australia


If you have been using supplements for some time, you must have come across peptides. They are hyped, popular, and relatively affordable. However, the main question stands; does their value match its hype? Please read to the end to learn more about peptides and their health benefits.

What are Peptides?

Before we discuss peptides, it is crucial to understand amino acids and their benefits to the body. Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins and are responsible for digesting food, repairing body tissues, and improving the immune system.

Amino acids can either be built by the body or acquired in the form of supplements or food. Peptides, therefore, refer to the short chains of amino acids which combine to form proteins. A single amino acid is usually made of two to 20 peptides.

Why are Peptides Popular?

Several controversial opinions on why peptides are more popular than proteins have existed for a long time. However, the main reason peptides are more popular than proteins is that the body can absorb them more easily. Given their minute size, peptides can easily penetrate skin pores, intestinal walls, and blood vessels.

What are the Major Sources of Peptide Supplements?

Peptide supplements can be obtained from plants or animals that are rich in proteins. The most common sources of peptide supplements are:

  • Oats
  • Eggs
  • Meat
  • Wheat
  • Soy
  • Hemp
  • Fish and shellfish

Recently, scientists have been focusing on bioactive peptides since they have optimal benefits to the human body. There are two categories of peptides that scientists recommend:

  • Creatine peptides are revered for their ability to build muscle mass and strength.
  • Collagen peptides are rich in skin-enriching and anti-aging properties.

What are the Benefits of Peptide Supplements?

Research carried out has established that peptide supplements have several health benefits, including the following:

Improves Healing in Wounds

Collagen peptides are responsible for improving the health of the skin. As a result, when a person sustains an injury affecting the skin, they can take collagen peptides to hasten the healing process. Bioactive peptide supplements have proved to be effective in promoting the healing process of wounds due to their anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

Researchers are working hard to establish the efficacy of antimicrobial peptides in promoting wound healing.

Builds Muscle Mass

Preliminary studies have shown that collagen peptides effectively improve muscle strength and mass. During one of the studies, 53 men were put under a combination of collagen peptides or silica and resistance training for 12 weeks. At the end of the study period, the participants who had been inducted into collagen developed more muscles than the rest.

An intake of creatine peptides improves the ability of the body to build muscles. Creatine peptides have increased in popularity due to their few digestive problems and high efficacy.

Slows Aging Process

The breakdown of collagen peptides is effective in slowing down the aging process. According to research, taking peptide supplements reduces the development rate of wrinkles. The peptide properties also improve the hydration properties, reducing the cracking rate. Besides, the peptide also promotes the increase in elasticity in the skin, which is crucial in slowing the aging process.

You can take the peptide supplements orally or apply them topically on the skin to reduce the aging rate. According to topical peptide manufacturers, these supplements increase blood flow and firm the skin, reducing the aging process.

Slows Down Age-Related Bone Loss

According to some studies, there is a direct correlation between collagen peptide supplement intake and an increase in bone mass. More studies will be required to prove the efficacy of collagen peptide supplements in reducing bone loss in aging humans.

What are the Side Effects of Peptides?

Everybody reacts differently to different products, including peptide supplements. Most people who have used peptides have not recorded any severe side effects. The few people with underlying medical conditions have, however, experienced these effects:

  • Skin sensitivity, including rashes and itching after applying topical peptide supplements.
  • Stomach upsets due to indigestion, especially from substandard supplements.

Expectant and breastfeeding mothers and those with medical conditions should only take peptide supplements under the guidance of a qualified physician.

Factors to Consider When Buying Peptides Online

In the future, it is expected that peptides will be sold exclusively online. If you are a novice trying to buy peptide supplements online, you should follow these tips:

  • Check reviews

Before buying a peptide supplement, it is prudent to check the consumer reviews on the company’s website. If possible, search for the reviews on an independent third-party website for better results.

  • Research widely

After obtaining the reviews, you should research further to know more about the seller and the different products. Carrying out deep research increases your chances of getting top-grade peptide supplements.

  • Check shipping rates and time.

Peptide supplements have a relatively short shelf life. Therefore, when choosing peptides online, you should find out the time it takes for the company to deliver them to the consumer after placing an order. You can learn whether the company meets the expected threshold from the reviews.

  • Check product guarantee

When buying peptides online, it is advisable to settle for a company that provides buyers with a purchase guarantee. More often than not, companies that offer buyers purchase guarantees produce top-notch quality, hence the confidence.

  • Check the cost

One of the grave mistakes you can make when buying peptides online is to miscalculate the cost issue. Naïve buyers spend a lot of money buying overpriced but substandard peptides, while others purchase substandard peptides at a meagre price. Thus, when choosing peptides, you should compare their respective prices and properties and settle for the best.


Although peptides occur naturally in the human body, taking foods and supplements rich in the same is prudent. Most collagen users cite the supplement’s anti-aging and antioxidant properties as the main reason why they use them. Although research on the efficacy of peptides is in its early stages, the existing trials point to a bright future.

However, while taking the supplements, it is essential to note that the body might react negatively, albeit for a short duration. If you want to buy peptides online, use the five-pointers to act as a guide for you.